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Fireside Farm
Contact: Stacey and Casey
Address: 15227 Berlin Turnpike Purcellville, VA, 20132
About Us
Our love of biology brought us to the land. Prioritizing the health of our soil means more disease and pest-resistant crops. It also means delicious and nutrient-dense fruit, vegetables, and grains. We rely on locally made compost, cover crops and reduced tillage to make a friendly home for beneficial microbes that live in the soil. We grow tasty produce that’s safe for you and the planet! Our crop varieties are driven by what we enjoy eating. We believe you deserve to eat as good as farmers do.
Our farming practice is also a commitment to our fellow and young farmers: we know that farming is a viable career path (we’re doing it!) and agrarian access to land for small farms is difficult. But the land that farmers need in order to grow food and build community is disappearing. So we started Fireside Farm to help protect farmland, build soil, and serve our local food economy. That’s why we decided to anchor ourselves in Loudoun County. We are in a suburban neighborhood bordering five other farms. We grow in community and share food with neighboring land stewards. We can work together to preserve land and opportunity for future generations of farmers.