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Common Root Farm
Contact: Ryan Kalivretenos
Address: 18101 Bowie Mill Road Derwood, MD, 20855
About Us
Ryan started Common Root Farm in 2018 to continue his passion for growing the highest quality and most nutritious produce. We believe that health starts with our diets, we believe that all humans have the right to eat a natural diet, and we believe that all humans can shed their differences and come together to realize a greater vision for Earth and Humanity. We believe that Peace, Joy, Love, Truth, and Health are the tenants of a harmonious society and we work to bring that into reality.
We use certified organic, regenerative, ecologically sound farming techniques free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Our practices include minimal-till, crop-rotation, and preventative pest and disease measures, along with the use of natural and complete amendments. This allows the earth to rejuvenate the soil life and provide a healthy habitat for pollinators, beneficial insects, and soil biology—all of which contribute to your tasty and nutritious veggies!