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Pleasant Hill Produce
Contact: Ben and Heather Sayler
Address: 10009 Kelly Road Walkersville, MD, 21793
Phone: 301-471-2699
About Us
Pleasant Hill Produce is a family owned and operated farm in Walkersville, MD. They have been growing high quality vegetables since 2014 and provide a diverse selection of healthy, delicious, fresh, safe, cleaned produce for you to enjoy.
Pleasant Hill Produce grows high quality, safe food for the local Frederick community. They use organic and sustainable practices to maintain the farm for ourselves and future generations to use. They never use synthetic insecticides or herbicides. Purposeful plantings attract beneficial insects and discourage the destructive ones. Weeds are controlled by hoeing, mulching, and hand weeding. They use cover crops to build soil organic matter and protect topsoil from erosion. Rainwater is collected and stored for irrigation. Their flock of laying hens are free from hormones, antibiotics, and cages. Their diet consists of goodies found in their natural environment, GMO-free feed from our local farmers cooperative, and veggies from the farm.