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Hollabaugh Bros. Orchard
Contact: Brad Hollabaugh
Address: 545 Carlisle Rd. Biglerville, PA, 17307
Phone: 717-677-8430
About Us
The original twin brothers – Donald and Harold – have passed their knowledge and love of the land on to the 2nd generation who are now sharing it with the 3rd and 4th! Third generation Bruce, upon his graduation from PSU with a degree in Horticulture, returned to the farm in 2002. Ellie, who also graduated from PSU in 2006 with degrees in Agribusiness Management and Spanish, has also returned to the farm. And Wayne graduated from PSU with a degree in Agricultural Sciences, and has also joined the family business! The Hollabaugh family takes pride in growing only the highest quality fruits and vegetables on nearly 500 acres!

Just to overview what all we grow:
Apples (50 varieties including popular new varieties, some club varieties, heirlooms)
Peaches (yellow, white, nectarines both colors, donut peaches)
Plums (less availability but can be worked into the program on larger volume varieties)
Pears (predominantly yellow Bartlett type varieties but also Bosc, Asian and Seckel)
Since 1955, the Hollabaugh family has been a proud steward of the gentle, rolling, fertile land on Yellow Hill. For over 50 years, we have grown high quality fruit using a variety of “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM) methods. In recent years, there has been an increased level of interest in food safety. But what does that mean to us the grower and you the consumer? How do we arrive at specific methods of pest management? We attend on-going educational seminars so that we are able to continue to offer you a high quality, safe, nutritious food product.