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Nick's Organic Farm
Contact: Nick Maravell
Address: 2733 Buckeystown Pike Adamstown, MD, 21710
Phone: 301-983-9153
About Us
Nationally Recognized Eggs--We are recognized by the Cornucopia
Institute as one of the few farms awarded the highest 5 egg rating for
truly organic pasture raised, nutrient dense eggs.

Nationally Recognized Farm--We were one of the pilot farms selected to launch
the Real Organic Project label for farms that meet standards higher
than what USDA organic is willing to enforce.
Our movable hen housing builds soil health and fertility, puts more
carbon back into the soil, and avoids nutrient run-off into the Chesapeake Bay. And because we grow our own organic grains and
grind them freshly, we can assure the complete integrity and
nutritional density of our eggs.
Pasture Raised Eggs at Nick’s Organic Farm
Our birds live in solar powered eggmobiles, MOVABLE housing as
opposed to fixed poultry barns, so we can constantly rotate onto fresh
clean grass. Fixed housing on the other hand can denude the
vegetation nearest the barn, leaving the birds with less fresh clean
grass to graze. We raise a variety of heritage and modern
breeds—look for the occasional blue egg!