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Springfield Farm
Contact: Rachel Webb
Address: 16701 Yeoho Rd. Sparks Glencoe, MD, 21152
Phone: 410-472-0738
About Us
Springfield Farm is no ordinary place, and the Smith, Simpson, and Koppelman families are by no means traditional farmers. Three generations work and live on this beautiful, natural farm just north of Baltimore, Maryland.
Sustainable agricultural methods are practiced where the animals are given nothing which is not natural – no hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, etc. All animals are offered free-range during the grass growing season. In addition to chicken eggs, both chicken and turkey are raised for meat. Beef (grass-fed and natural) and pork are also available. All animals are treated humanely, allowed to associate with each other and cared for when sick using homeopathic remedies first.

Our products are processed under inspection, but the most important inspectors are our customers, whom we encourage to roam the farm freely, and safely. Please check with us before visiting the animals, for a short orientation as we move them frequently and all fences are electrified. We do not permit pets to visit the farm.

Springfield Farm has been in David Smith’s family since the 1600’s. The farm is some 67 acres of rolling countryside in northern Baltimore County, Maryland, with four natural streams and untold springs bubbling up everywhere (hence the name). There is also a pond dominated by our pet geese (Mother and Grim, of course).