Floating Lotus Farmstead
Contact: Adam + Jocelyne Cottrell
Address: 540 W Bay Front Rd. Lothian, MD, 20711
Phone: 240-925-7542
About Us
Floating Lotus Farmstead is a small scale, first generation farm. We produce a wide variety of nutrient dense vegetables and herbs using chemical free, regenerative "biomimic" practices that are sustainable for our farm and environment. Our main focus is on healthy soil. By feeding the biology in the ground this feeds our plants. We promote soil health by not disturbing the earth, furthermore by keeping the soil covered (by way of plants and layers of compost). Our goal is to continue to grow with our customers in order to create a more efficient avenue to get the "farm to table" experience. We strive to always continue learning in order to offer only the healthiest products.
Floating Lotus Farmstead uses chemical free, regenerative "biomimic" practices to grow all produce. We use a locally sourced certified organic mushroom compost. After annual soil tests, we amend our soil according to the needs of each crop using certified organic amendments.

​We aim to keep our soil covered at all times with plant densities that do not allow bare soil. We rotate our crops to keep soil fertility balanced and manage any soil borne plant diseases. We use homemade remedies, insect netting and interplanting with non pest friendly crops to protect from pests. We do light cultivations frequently, use reusable fabrics, straw mulches and flame torches to suppress weed pressures.

​We are continually learning better techniques and systems to aid in our goal of growing nutrient dense crops using healthy growing practices. These practices come with risks and rewards. In a CSA farm model, the members share the risks and rewards willingly. Growing the diverse varieties we offer comparatively to conventional methods helps keep our risk low.